Saturday Debate Club Volunteer Coaches Needed! 

Debate Club


Saturday Debate Club is the Debate Team for New York City! This program is completely FREE for Urban Debate League high school students because of Volunteers like YOU who make this possible. Our middle school students who go on to high schools without debate programs and are unable to start programs, can still participate in Debate Club because of Volunteers like You!  This program is also free for UDL middle school students. The only charge is for middle school students who can afford to help cover the costs of tournaments, chaperones, and the meeting rental fees. And of course full scholarships are available for any students of need. So THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THE CITY'S DEBATE TEAM POSSIBLE.... THE NEW YORK CITY DEBATE COUB! Because of you - all students have access to debate and Debate Club students are some of the most competitive students in the city 


More About Debate Club:

  • 10:00am-12:00pm - Middle School Debate Club (Congressional, Parliamentary, Public Forum Debates)
  • 12:00pm-2:00pm - High School Debate Club (Public Forum Debate)
  • Middle School Tournaments. We do not meet! Middle Schoolers will be participating and High School students will be volunteering
  • Schedule of Practices, Holidays, and Tournaments for Debate Club. Click here. 
  • Volunteers also needed to Coach and Judge Debate Club students at the Tournaments. So you are their Coach! 
  • Please complete the form below if interested in volunteering! 

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