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“Thanks so much for an excellent summer. I’ve learned so much about debate, about the skills required to win a round, and as a result of that I can’t wait to exercise my new skills in a competition. The staff was wonderful and engaging, and the food and prizes were an excellent bonus. Once again, thanks for making the first two weeks of August so amazing.” - Tammuz


“The New York Urban Debate League – MDI has been a great help to me.  It has helped me speak better, write better, and socialize better.  I hope that others will gain as much rom MDI as I have. Thank You MDI!” – Ifeoluwa


“I liked the debate camp, I enjoyed getting to know everyone.  I feel that I learned how to interpret the resolution better which will help me in the future.  I also learned how to determine which arguments are the most important in a round.  Overall the debate camp was definitely helpful to me.” – Afriany


“Because of you and my lab leaders Isabelle and William I fell in love with debate, even though I’m not great at it. Not great yet at least. I really want to continue with debating. Can you give me more information on how I can go about that after school or maybe on the weekends? Thank you so much.” -Zoe


“My experience at the debate camp was amazing.  As a novice, I was worried but my teachers taught me well and made me enjoy debate.” – Brittany


“I like debate camp because it has allowed me to refresh my skills.  I also have gained a lot more skills.  I now feel ready and prepared for this year in debate.” – Rachel Nadboy


“I enjoyed debate camp.  I learned a lot. I had fun working with others.  The teachers were great.  And the raffles were fun!” – Yohannah


“I thought the experience was very enjoyable.  It was nice to know that there’s always someone you can go to for help.  I also think that by offering an award (candy, raffle prizes, etc) it teaches the debate newcomers that debate pays off!” – Amanda Woo


“Debate Camp was fun because the labs had a good student-teacher ratio. Thank you for these two weeks because I met some very valuable people.”



“The New York City Urban Debate League summer camp really helped me become a better debater.”


“I like the debate camp because it taught me multiple debate formats like public forum debate and policy debate.” – Tiffany


“I liked the camp because I got to meet new, interesting people and I got to learn more about policy debate.” – Amanda


“Debate is like a 7 star hotel.” – Shamiha


“Debate has helped me become a better public speaker and taught how to be a fast thinker.” – Kayla


“I like debate because I am really good at arguing, and it gives me a huge advantage.  I also like it because it makes me see both sides of an argument andd fairly pick the side I agree with.” – Ya-Asanti


“Yes, I enjoyed debate camp because we had awesome teachers (Betty & Jesica) and because I like debating and feeling smart!” – Christine


“I enjoyed debate camp. The teachers were very helpful in understanding policy debate.  Thanks!” – Sarah





“I never debated before, now I’ll never stop.” – Olivia


”I loved debate camp!  I found so many friends who loved debating as much as I did!  Ms. Brady was the best debate teacher in the world! Debating is the best thing in the WORLD!” – Annele


“I liked debate camp because it helped me use my argumentative nature for something good.” – Emani


“8 Words… I never debated before, and I like it!” – Isaac


“I thought that, even in just 1 week, I learned alot about public speaking and how to effectively debate.  It was  a good experience for me.”


“The teachers were nice!” – William


“I like debate becasue it helped me in public speaking and changed how I think.” – Eugene


“I liked debate camp because it was fun and a great learning experience and there were some pretty awesome people here.” – Masha


“Debate camp is fun and helps with thinking skills.” – Gabrielle


“I think debate is fun and it has helped me learn to argue my point.” – Justin





“I like debate because I learned about debate and now I want to do more.” – Ashley


“I like debate club because it taught me how to be organized debater and to be an organized talker.” – TC


“I like debate because I learn. It helps me by essays evidence and reasons. Thank you for the opportunity for me to be here.  Thank you for the food. Thank you for everything.  You are the best.” – Keilah


“Dear Mr. Erik, Thank You.” – Edward


“Dear Erik Fogel, thank you for the opportunity to teach us debate.  I enjoyed learning debate with you.” – Ashley


“Thank you for letting me participate in the debating group. I really love debating.  Its my favorite subject thank you again.”