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Policy Debate Resources

Policy Debate is the oldest debate format in the United States and one of the most rigorous academic programs available. Students study, research and debate a single topic ("Resolution") during the year. Students write their own "policy" solutions to the annual topic, as well as prepare responses to the "policy" solutions of other teams. Debaters basically earn a "masters degree" through year round study of a single topic. NYCUDL debaters each year are among the top policy debaters in the city, state and nation. 

The Current Policy Debate Resolution

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.


Student Policy Debate Resources

Students can access the resources below to help with policy debate. Materials include "The Open Evidence Project" and the "Open Video Project" which are projects of the National Debate Coaches Association (NDCA) and provide free access to evidence and arguments developed by numerous summer debate institutes as well as video lectures. 

Open Evidence Project (National Debate Coaches Association)


Open Video Project (National Debate Coaches Association)


Teacher Resources

Click here for teacher resources for policy debate. *Note - these resources are only available for NYCUDL teachers.  Please register your school if your school is not a member yet!