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Judging Resources

Thank you for judging!  The NYCUDL was founded by volunteers passionate about debate. We owe everything to our volunteers. We are the largest urban debate league in the nation because of our volunteers. We cannot thank you enough. On any given weekend at least 50 volunteer judges make our tournaments possible. On this page we have several videos on judging and resources for judges.  Learning these materials is not required to judge. We have a judge orientation in the morning of each debate tournmaent and also offer "judge shadowing" opportunities for new volunteers to "shadow" an experienced volunteer judges during the first round of debate at each touranment. Debaters must adapt to the judge - whether you are a former national debate champion to a volunteer who is judging their first round of debate.


General Judge Resources

General Judge Resources

Judge Registration

Click below to sign up to judge at a debate tournament. You will also be added to our volunteer listserve to receive regular updates on upcoming tournaments, special events and general updates about the Great Debaters that you support. Thank you again for judging! 


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