Our College Debate Programs

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College Debate and Argumentation Curriculum

The NYCUDL is honored to parter with the City University of New York to bring our Debate and Argumentation Curriculum to college students. As well as build a pipeline for our middle school and high school students to continue debate through college.

  • CUNY Debate and Argumentation Classes
  • College Debate Team Partnerships
  • College Service Learning and Community Service Projects to expand debate to low income communities
  • CUNY Debate Tournaments, Practices, Workshops
  • And More!

College Debate Teams 

The NYCUDL also works with Colleges at the extracurricular level to help build competitive debate teams, recruit undergraduate and graduate students to join debate teams, and other competitive debate opportunities.  

College Partnerships

The NYC Urban Debate League work at the college level goes beyond debate classes and debate teams in that we work with all departments from Education Departments to provide teacher training opportunities to Political Science and Philosophy Departments for guest speakers at our events to Community Service and Service Learning Departments to provide volunteer opportunities to college students ... and more! 


  • Graduate Schools of Education and Education Majors and Minors: We provide teaching and education opportunities for aspiring teachers.
  • Volunteer and Mentor Opportunities for College Students
  • College Professor partnerships on various debate topics that relate to their fields
  • And more! 

The College Pipeline

And most importantly we work with colleges to create a pipeline for our middle school and high school debaters to attend and to graduate from college.  And in many cases for our middle school and high school students to continue debate in college.

  • Debate as one of the most powerful extracurricular programs to help in college admissions.
  • Debate Full Scholarships
  • Debate Partial Scholarships
  • Debate helping in Non-Debate related Scholarship applications
  • Competitive College Debate Opportunities (Debate Team)
  • Curricular College Debate Opportunities (Debate Classes)
  • Community Service College Opportunities (Debate Volunteering)
  • Pre-College Opportunities for our Middle School and High School Students: College Admissions Panels, College Tours and other Pre-College programs.
  • The New York City Urban Debate League is a proud partner of the Posse Foundation. Each year we can nominate our high school juniors for the Posse Scholarship which is a 4 year tuition scholarship. Click here for more.
  • And More!