End of the Year Awards Ceremony

HS awards ceremony

The Academy Awards of Debate!

Join us for a special day to celebrate YOU!  Students, parents, coaches, teachers - everyone who participated in the debate league for a special evening/afternoon of food, fun, awards and meeting everyone! 

  • Food 
  • Fun
  • Families
  • Guest Speakers
  • Graduation Speeches
  • Top Speakers of the Year
  • Top Teams of the Year
  • Top Schools of the Year
  • Volunteers of the Year
  • Coaches of the Year
  • MVPs of the Year! Every school honors their MVPs! 


Middle School End of Year Awards Ceremony & Pot Luck Lunch (TBA)

  • Location: Hunters Point Community Middle School, 1-50 51st Ave, Queens, NY 11101
  • Lunch: Pot Luck! Bring a Dish!
  • Awards Ceremony: Recognizes top schools, top teams, top speakers and every school gets a MVP award!
  • Gym: Basketball, Games, and more
  • Park: right across the street
  • Terrace overlooking the ocean!
  • and more! 


High School End of Year Awards Ceremony & Dinner (TBA)