Alumni Opportunities

I.  Alumni Committee!

Join our Alumni Committee by completing the form on this page. We have several opportunities and programs for alumni throughout the year and also need your help in building additional alumni opportunities and programs. Some alumni benefits:

  • Special Events and Opportunities
  • Annual Alumni Breakfast at our Alumni Tournament
  • Discounts and Specials to our Annual Event
  • and more! 
  • complete the form on this page to register as alumni! 


II.  Hiring Opportunities!

Join the UDL Team! We are always looking to hire alumni part time to help with tournaments, summer debate camps, outreach and more! We provide stipends, meals and opportunity to join an incredible Team! We have monthly staff socials, special events and workshop opportunities, and the opportunity to share your passion for debate!  Contact, and please send your resume if interested in any of the positions below. 

  • Saturday Tournament Coordinators. We host on average a debate tournament every Satuday during the school year from October - June.  And so we are always looking for alumni to help in all tournaent roles - Tabroom, Judges Room, Cafeteria, Ballots and more. We provide a tournament stipend for all Tournament Coordiantors, join the UDL team with all its benefits 
  • Satuday Debate Club Coaches.  Interested in coaching your own team? Join our Saturday Debate Club which is always looking for instructors and tournament coaches. 
  • Summer Debate Institute Coaches. During the summer we host 7 weeks of summer debate camps across the city at Columbia University, Hunter College, Silbmeran Graduate School, New York University and more. 
  • Outreach Coordinators. We work with over 100 schools each year and so always looking to hire individuals interested in coaching and supporting our schools. 


III.  Volunteering and Internship Opportunities!

What makes urban debate leagues so successful and magical is the impact of volunteers.  Please sign up for any of the volunteer opportunities below. 


Click here to Volunteer to Judge at a Debate Tournament!


Click here to Volunteer to Coach on Weekdays or Weekends

Click here to Volunteer to Teach at Summer Debate Camp

Click here to apply to be an Intern


III.  National Association of Urban Debate Leagues Alumni Ambassador Program

The Alumni Ambassador program gathers a prestigious and diverse group of 14-16 dynamic and motivated leaders, who are the young adult face of the urban debate community. Ambassadors will work with students leading up to the Urban Debate National Championship and help administer the tournament in April. NAUDL covers flights, hotels and meals for Alumni Ambassadors.


What is awarded? (a) A unique mentoring and community opportunity for urban debate alumni. (b) The opportunity to mentor current debaters and learn new skills throughout the weekend.  (c) Represent the urban debate community at the Annual Dinner.  (d) Attend a training in Chicago in April and the UDNC in Washington, D.C. in April. (e) All meals, lodging and travel expenses will be covered for both trips.


Applications are due February 8th and need a letter of recommendation to be complete. 


Alumni Ambassadors Flyer 2019


Application Form

Recommendation Form